Sunday, June 7, 2015


i think
that to have all the knowledge 
of the planets and stars
is possibly the worst thing
that could have happened 
to a people of Exploration

has been Reduced to a Bundle of 
Neurons Firing and Hormones Raging
and the Sky is Blue
because of the Filtration of Light
into our Factual Atmosphere

to wonder
why he makes you feel that way 
or to be unsure
of why your heart swells
standing on a sweet-smelling hill
in the sunlight
is labeled

when in fact
i think
to not know
to be unafraid of being small
to treasure the mystery of comprehension
and to have a sense of wonder
is to stave off the gray, drab world of 
simple appearances

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call, "a big, conceited head." Yeah, I am aware that the three biggest red flags for "HELLO THIS PERSON IS FULL OF HERSELF AND ALSO SHE IS TRYING TO BE SUPER ARTSY BUT SHE'S ACTUALLY NOT SO SHE SHOULD JUST STOP" are the following:

Having a blog
Starting the blog with a poem
Starting the blog with a poem and then writing that poem about a sense of wonder, of all things, because that's not high-falutin' in any way at all

I'm very much aware of all these things, and yet, I don't care. Because I like this poem. I will probably look back on this poem five years from now and cringe, as I do when I see any photographic material from my middle school years, but I like this poem because it reminded me of how much I enjoy writing. I'm in the last three days of my senior year of high school, and this last year I went through hell incarnate in the form of Advanced Placement English Literature, where my love of writing went through the wringer and came out soggy, sad and flat. Sitting down and writing this (it was for an assignment for ap lit, ironically) restored the raisin that my love of writing had become and turned it into a grape (that was a very odd metaphor. i may take that out later). And one of the things I really hope I remember to keep in my life is a sense of wonder, because I do think that it's important, and maybe one day I'll look back on this and be reminded that I need to look at the world and not be afraid to not know. I also just think it sounds super artsy and cool and you can just deal with it.