Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Moon Was Red

I've been trying to expand my writing skills, and a lot of times I'll think of certain scenes that would work great in a book, but when I sit down to actually sit down to write the book that is kind of in my head, I'm not able to connect the scenes into a seamless story. Also, sometimes situations happen to me that I think are too weird or incredible not to write down, but they wouldn't really be able to take up a whole blog post. Anyways, this is just an experimentation with writing a story in third person, so if I think of more disjointed scenes, I'll throw them here, but I'll still write the old style as well. Obviously you'll be able to tell from what point of view I'm writing it from. 

She wrapped the blanket tighter around her shoulders to fend off the night’s chill and the dampness of the grass. The moon was turning a deep blood red, which was oddly beautiful, yet creepy at the same time. He was standing next to her with a pair of ridiculous binoculars, trying to see the phenomenon more closely. She looked up at him, trying to be discrete, but he caught her staring and smiled at her, offering the binoculars so she could see as well. She attempted to find the moon in the sky, which shouldn’t have been hard as it was large and red, but apparently that was too difficult a task for her, and she started laughing. “I can’t find it,” she giggled, “My glasses are too thick, I can’t see anything through this contraption.” He came up behind her, putting his large hands over her cold, small ones and tried to show her how to make the very simple binoculars function correctly. She stopped breathing. She could feel the warmth of him so close to her she could practically hear his heart beating. As she let out a shaky breath, she started laughing to hide any chance that he could see the effect he had on her. Laughing and looking through binoculars don't mix very well, so she shoved them back at her before he could do something else to make her heart beat faster, and ducked her head. She was so thankful that it was cold outside and it was mostly dark, so that her flushing cheeks would be hidden from his incredibly blue eyes. She stepped back from him and adjusted her blanket to mask her nervousness, and he shot her a grin as he sat back down next to his girlfriend. 


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