Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Conjunction Girl

(sometimes you just need to write the crappy poem... so i'm sorry the following is nothing of literary merit, but its raw and honest, and sometimes i think its okay that poetry is just that)

conjunction girl

she was always paired up;
him and her, all of them together.
you are both important,
i love you and also her

i chose them, yet you are still here.
i was betrayed, and i turn to you.
you are special, but not as much;
you make me happy, but they do too.

i could spend the day with you or her,
i would be happy either way.
but i say that you're precious for 
the tears in your eyes compel
me to claim "i need you, i swear!"
and turn around to choose them instead.

what she really wants is to be necessary.
to stand alone,
to be irreplaceable
on her own.


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